Friday, June 23, 2017

paper clay dolls

Happy Pink Saturday

I have been so busy 
I have been trying to make small paper clay and
playing with porcelain dolls
 mold the start

 So much fun,
They are not in the right proportion
will keep trying
The one with the crown porcelain
I have been doing allot of altered art
I have so much done do not know
Hope to sell it some where

  from  the late Mosshillstudio
Her work was so nice

This is heres from pintrest
Took a class of her's on line many years ago copy a head
also have been doing  these

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Using my IPhone

Happy Pink

Also Happy
Valentine Day
My Dinning room


I'm taking a class on my IPhone Camera
Online learning alot

Just some vignrtte's around my house
I like making these cuffs
 Stamps from my HD 
Letter when we where young.
The bracelet from when my HD was born
75 years ago, Years ago there so much detail in every thing

This another project I did
Fun to change

Using in my craft room

My favorite quote
The ARTIST is nothing without the gift.
The gift is nothing without the work

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