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Travels / Lecce Italy

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I have the look of my blog back
not the archives blog.
It makes me sad.
I have been gone for the last two months
We where in London for ten days then to Italy for two months
We where in Lecce,it is in the southern part of Italy
About five miles to the Adriatic Sea

I will post about our trip of London 
We left  January 21
where home April 1st,

Was a wonderful trip

This is the alley way your apartment at night
 from the bedroom  of the terrace
very narrow terrace
there was small  art gallery was never in the galley and a small jewelry store  in the alley 
I bought my granddaughters  for graduations,
 rings one from college and one from high school
The jeweler design them both
At the end the door is a garage and apartment above
The street looks messy but it is the color of the tile
The green doors across is a older lady 
She away said Hi when she saw us

Lecce area is know for the paper-macha
many of the churchs have there statute
made from the paper macha

This is a pair of hands
I collect hands ,so I like them very much

A finished of one of the statute  The statute body is a straw and  wire .
The head is a clay like the ones here.
I bought to use for me to make jewelry and statute
The light house at the beach close to Lecce
Found sea glass and  sea shells the sand had parts the sand was black
Noting like in Spain
Meet some great people.
They took to us to many places .
This is at the Adriatic sea.
The water was so beautiful ,there was many cave on the shore line
The water you could see all the way to the bottom

One of the beach we saw They also had use for lunch 
It was the best pasta It was all seafood
It was the best ever pasta I have ever had.

we went down the coast , to the end of Italy
Stopped at this  catholic church ,
it was one of most beautiful of all the ones we where in.
Almost every area of this church  was painted
They where doing some renovation.
These columns where out standing

Also the the same trip went to another cave went inside this one 
From inside out of the cave
Took a pasta making class
So much fun 
I do not know if I ever will but it was nice how it is done
We eat what we made 

Inside in one of the church .
stone is a soft stone from the area

Here is my Pink Saturday 
I missed Easter with you 
But thought it would be nice for you to see

Easter was while we there
Because of the clay in area there was many ceramics shops
one of the decoration

 I did not see baskets this what they did have plenty of these in many stores

one of my favorite window

 Who would this orange and black.
So creative  ,had cute window for valintine but never got picture

This in a cafe window

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  1. Your photos of your trip are beautiful! Great composition:) I'm sure you have lots of fabulous memories from your travels:)


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