Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I'm back

Hi everyone
I have been gone for ten weeks
Sure missed every ones blog
I lost My blog before I left ,So I did not do my blog when I was gone .
We went to London England And Lecce Italy

I have read a lot of the blogs and few things have happen and changed

I would like to do some swaps if any one is doing any .
If some one is doing something, let me know love them.
They get me creative and busy  I have not done any thing and need to.

Hope to get my friends to follow and comment .
Going to work on the blog more now.

My Ruby Tuesday!!!!

This is my four granddaughter At Christmas they wore my coats and I took pictures of them on our shed in our back yard. They had fun too.

Hope you leave a comment  and follow me again
Any tips to get more comment and more come look I would love the help
Have a safe and fun week that is left


  1. What a cute picture! Your daughters are very pretty and they posed like models. I have been to several countries in Europe but never in Poland....Christine

  2. Nice photo, it has a especially Christmas feeling!
    I think, it comes with the time, visitors and comments - I had my blog four years without visitors and now - - - -
    Greetings from Germany
    curious to see more

  3. Your granddaughters look beautiful in your coats! What a pretty scene they make.

  4. The grands are beautiful ....great photo
    I am following and will be back. xo

  5. o, and meant to say I lost my original blog, with over 1700 followers...
    I started a new one a couple yrs ago ...just hang in there and your followers and readers will be back..

    1. How do you loss your Blog??? That's terrible!! I didn't know that could happen!!

  6. Your granddaughters are beautiful! I love the picture of them wearing your coats!


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