Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Doll, Christmas card

Merry Christmas

Happy Pink Christmas
I paint a Christmas card every year since 9-11
This is my card this year.
It is a photo from my friends home.
Love the pink chair sitting ,it was a pink too

This is from my friends ranch in western North Dakota
This is what most of North Dakota looks like now
We have allot of snow and very cold this year -15
Looks like a painting
 Some of steps in our back yard
 The back yard shed

At the top of then steps
Out the inclosed deck 
I took threw the screen door
We got home a day before it came

 I collect Annette Himsted dolls,
Since 2000 Annette does not design any more of  these doll.
There is collectors that have there dolls in designers outfits.
They are amazing looking.
 Allot from Germany that is where Annette is from
I play with them by changing clothes,sew and put them in different display.
When my granddaughter was studying  in Spain and she traveled she would get tee shirts for them 
When the clerk would ask who they where for (she was embarrassed)  said her cousin , 
 not her grandma's dolls
That year I went around Minot to find a sitting for each tee shirt
Had a calendar made,it was cute
They are the size of a three year old
 They wear a size 18 months to 24 months.
If you need to I pin it to fit.
It is so nice ,they stay clean and in place.

 This room is our family room.
 Where some of the doll are staying  this year.

I hope you follow me I have lost all my people that followed me .
I had over 300 And I lost my blog could not find it so started over.
I'm going to have a give away in the first of the year . 
It will be a nice giveaway,Not sure when I will start ,so keep coming back
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  1. So glad in Texas we do not get this much snow. Rarely get any, but do get very cold temperatures. Your dolls are so pretty. Almost look real. I never had a doll.Will follow you. Sorry you lost blog everything. Hope I do not as I would not know how to create one.

  2. Laura, what a shame you have lost your blog and all your followers. Do you know how that happened. It looks like you can celebrate Christmas in a grand manner with all that snow. To you, though, I'm sure you would rather have a little less. We don't get it where we are all that often, so would love some for Christmas. Thank you for your kind visit to me and your dolls are beautiful. You should visit JoAnn at Scene Through My Eyes. She makes beautiful clothes for her dolls and shares them every Wednesday. I will follow you and hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas..Judy

  3. I forgot to say how pretty the pink card is. It looks like you are an accomplished artist..Merry Christmas..J

  4. Very lovely painting and gorgeos landscape in the snow.
    Your cute doll family - I know Annette Himstedt's dolls, I'm from Germany too.
    Will follow you, how sad to lose a blog (that cannot be!).
    Happy New Year :-)


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