Friday, January 27, 2017

Cruise / things from trip

Happy Pink 

 I'm back from my cruise
It was wonderful 
So nice and warm
We left from New Orleans
We flew in Saturday and left Sunday
for the ship
Went to Bourbon Street 
That was something.
Saw it will not go back.
When we got back went to French Market 
Would go back there again.
Loved all the art,
The Voo Doo was fun
Had to have a couple of them 

My Pink Saturday 
One of the events on the cruise
Food carving .Maybe try sometime

The beautiful Ocean at Cozumel I love to look at the sea
Not so much want to go in
Its so big
The Ship
Norwegian Dawn
More beach
Things I bought 
In many stores they would give small charms if you would go in the shop
Good way to get you in.
There is still a few more things ,I could not live with out
Great fun

The worry dolls
Cigar boxes
I really like the day of the dead
Going to use them in a craft
Mahogany wood bowl
My Voo Doo doll
Been giving some away.

Again it was wonderful

Glad I'm home 
Hope you leave a comment 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fabric art/ Flower picks

Happy Pink Saturday

Need your help!!!

I want to paint one of these photo,
but like them both.
They have a lot of detail .
Help me pick which one I should do.
What size would you like
8x10--11x14 ?
#2Rose 11x14--14x18 ?
I think any bigger would not work

 The Rose #2

So in your comment 
let me know 
What photo and the size!!
These are done in Watercolor .
I'm not sure what I will sure.

The new wall paper I'm thinking of using  in my main bathroom.
The have mauve wood work and cabinets also my sink.
What do you think?
It is now a lot like this color and pattern with a Paris Theme

 I have had it a long time need something different
Its also falling off the wall.

I have had it a long time need something different

More pink
Some of My Fabric Art
It was a pillow but I took it apart.
Not sure what I will do with it. 

Thanks for coming by 
Hope you leave a comment
Leave  Your pick for the paintings

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clean Holiday Home

I'm happy you are here
And leave a comment
I have went though all my holiday decorations
Every holiday
it feels so good to downsize

Things to go
Looks like I'm a hoarder
I like stuff put not one yet

More boxes

 Some of the boxes I have  empty now. I all so have the ones I filled with junk I no longer want.

The closet was full
It is at the one end of my sun porch
Will post when I have what I want back 
I have to get it back in order
 So I can get to it back easy
When I want to decorate
Will star with Valentines
 When I get back from my Cruise 
Thank You 
For stopping by

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ruby Tuesday 1#

My First Ruby Tuesday

This is my fake window in my laundry room
I have a walk out basement ,but the back of the basement has no window,
 so this gives the room like I do
I made the line of cloths That I wanted 
I like red so there is a few red things

Painted Tin cut outs and Button Flowers

One of my First Annette Himstead Doll
The ones I collect
I bought her in Germany

I hope you leave a comment and follow me I will do the same
Have a good and safe week
Next week I will be on my Cruise in the sunny Ocean

Home/ Plans for 2017

I like the sound of this
I have been traveling around Blog land 
It makes me feel good and want to do more with my blog.
I have quit my most social thing .Painting with friends on Wednesday,
for reasons of my health.
Where we went it is way to filthy
Do not know what happen to him but it's bad.
So I'm staying away .

So hope to paint at home and work on my home.
We leave for our Cruise Sat.
When I get back I'm going  start to running.

I have posted before I lost my old blog ,
There for I lost all the people that followed me and the ones I followed
It's like started over Hope to get them back and have fun.
I'm going to join weekly group  a couple days a week.

I got a camera lens for my phone this will be fun to use
First try( need to work on it)
I like hands

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Home/ Cat Calendar

So Happy You are here

I like to decorate January with snowman.
Going to paint this, found it on Pinterest
I'm not decorating this month .
Like last week  still have a mess. I have been though all my Christmas boxes ,Snowmen ,Purses,I loved them ,no more ,When we went to Europe a few years ago it was a big thing, for me  They still have them but I do not buy them .I have so many I could have bought l
Louis Vuittion.

I have found a place that will  look at the stuff I no longer want.
Feel lucky

Also going on a Cruise this next week end ,first one
(Tie my hands so I do not buy a thing)

When I get back I'm going to have a 
So keep coming back
I will be handmade one of a kind

Many project I want to do  this year.
Paint living room
Clean the Garage
Wallpaper  Bathroom
Paint Laundry room
Redo Granddaughters room
Make Window conses for dinning and living room
( no more drapes)
Practice taking photos

Also doing a calender for my family and all there cats ,
These are my cats

 Here are some of the pictures that will be on calendar
The girls gave me the ones they took  so I used them

Her is some of my first photos
 Do not like base color too different colors
needs work any help, I would like

Found these in my boxes I've been working with

I have been trying to use the tabs under header
do not know how to get the post to them . Does  one know how.
Would like any help

I had Karen Valentine do my blog . I may have to message her.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Home/ Start Organizing

Happy New Year
My years 2017
Is to get my house cleaned out and organized
I'm staring with Christmas 
I'm putting the nicer painted thing for my Granddaughters in tubs
I told them when they get a house it goes with them. 
I have so many trees  going to down sizes them too. 
My sisters church has a rummage so the rest goes there.
I have one tub of vintage decoration
going to call a Antique shop and see if they will buy it.

Also cleaned out my closet of purses, I love purses and was into knockoffs
When we would travel  to Europe I would get them could have bought a
Louis Vuitton
I still have allot left
It feels so good to clean
I have also boxing up some of the accessories 
that I'm tried of
I would like to wall paper our main bathroom,
paint living room and get some chairs, and a sofa for family room
This is the stack of boxes
I was going to paint a painting tonight
But this is what I started to do.
 Saving only small trees 
Will get a big one when I need one

more donations box 
some of the donation box
Going to redo the Santa's
reusing some of the ornaments
Will be post them

 Empty boxesTo me it does not seem much
but I do have the donation boxes too
I sure have a mess around  Looks like I'm a hoarder
I'm really not
But I sure feel good
You still have not seen the patio
where we store the tubs
I try to do a small display for every month
that where we store it all.
I will be going through all the boxes
The rummage sale is in June 
will have time

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Doll, Christmas card

Merry Christmas

Happy Pink Christmas
I paint a Christmas card every year since 9-11
This is my card this year.
It is a photo from my friends home.
Love the pink chair sitting ,it was a pink too

This is from my friends ranch in western North Dakota
This is what most of North Dakota looks like now
We have allot of snow and very cold this year -15
Looks like a painting
 Some of steps in our back yard
 The back yard shed

At the top of then steps
Out the inclosed deck 
I took threw the screen door
We got home a day before it came

 I collect Annette Himsted dolls,
Since 2000 Annette does not design any more of  these doll.
There is collectors that have there dolls in designers outfits.
They are amazing looking.
 Allot from Germany that is where Annette is from
I play with them by changing clothes,sew and put them in different display.
When my granddaughter was studying  in Spain and she traveled she would get tee shirts for them 
When the clerk would ask who they where for (she was embarrassed)  said her cousin , 
 not her grandma's dolls
That year I went around Minot to find a sitting for each tee shirt
Had a calendar made,it was cute
They are the size of a three year old
 They wear a size 18 months to 24 months.
If you need to I pin it to fit.
It is so nice ,they stay clean and in place.

 This room is our family room.
 Where some of the doll are staying  this year.

I hope you follow me I have lost all my people that followed me .
I had over 300 And I lost my blog could not find it so started over.
I'm going to have a give away in the first of the year . 
It will be a nice giveaway,Not sure when I will start ,so keep coming back
make a comment

Thanks For Stopping By