Friday, January 27, 2017

Cruise / things from trip

Happy Pink 

 I'm back from my cruise
It was wonderful 
So nice and warm
We left from New Orleans
We flew in Saturday and left Sunday
for the ship
Went to Bourbon Street 
That was something.
Saw it will not go back.
When we got back went to French Market 
Would go back there again.
Loved all the art,
The Voo Doo was fun
Had to have a couple of them 

My Pink Saturday 
One of the events on the cruise
Food carving .Maybe try sometime

The beautiful Ocean at Cozumel I love to look at the sea
Not so much want to go in
Its so big
The Ship
Norwegian Dawn
More beach
Things I bought 
In many stores they would give small charms if you would go in the shop
Good way to get you in.
There is still a few more things ,I could not live with out
Great fun

The worry dolls
Cigar boxes
I really like the day of the dead
Going to use them in a craft
Mahogany wood bowl
My Voo Doo doll
Been giving some away.

Again it was wonderful

Glad I'm home 
Hope you leave a comment 


  1. Thanks Laura for visiting and leaving a comment. I am following your blog now and read back several posts on this visit. Will be back again. Sounds like you had a great trip.

  2. Wow!! It looks like you had a great trip.....Tanks so much for dropping by!!

  3. It certainly does look like you had a great trip!! What a nice get away this time of year!! Dana


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