Thursday, January 5, 2017

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Happy New Year
My years 2017
Is to get my house cleaned out and organized
I'm staring with Christmas 
I'm putting the nicer painted thing for my Granddaughters in tubs
I told them when they get a house it goes with them. 
I have so many trees  going to down sizes them too. 
My sisters church has a rummage so the rest goes there.
I have one tub of vintage decoration
going to call a Antique shop and see if they will buy it.

Also cleaned out my closet of purses, I love purses and was into knockoffs
When we would travel  to Europe I would get them could have bought a
Louis Vuitton
I still have allot left
It feels so good to clean
I have also boxing up some of the accessories 
that I'm tried of
I would like to wall paper our main bathroom,
paint living room and get some chairs, and a sofa for family room
This is the stack of boxes
I was going to paint a painting tonight
But this is what I started to do.
 Saving only small trees 
Will get a big one when I need one

more donations box 
some of the donation box
Going to redo the Santa's
reusing some of the ornaments
Will be post them

 Empty boxesTo me it does not seem much
but I do have the donation boxes too
I sure have a mess around  Looks like I'm a hoarder
I'm really not
But I sure feel good
You still have not seen the patio
where we store the tubs
I try to do a small display for every month
that where we store it all.
I will be going through all the boxes
The rummage sale is in June 
will have time

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  1. Happy New Year from Germany.
    Clean out can be a good thing and feeling...


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