Saturday, January 7, 2017

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So Happy You are here

I like to decorate January with snowman.
Going to paint this, found it on Pinterest
I'm not decorating this month .
Like last week  still have a mess. I have been though all my Christmas boxes ,Snowmen ,Purses,I loved them ,no more ,When we went to Europe a few years ago it was a big thing, for me  They still have them but I do not buy them .I have so many I could have bought l
Louis Vuittion.

I have found a place that will  look at the stuff I no longer want.
Feel lucky

Also going on a Cruise this next week end ,first one
(Tie my hands so I do not buy a thing)

When I get back I'm going to have a 
So keep coming back
I will be handmade one of a kind

Many project I want to do  this year.
Paint living room
Clean the Garage
Wallpaper  Bathroom
Paint Laundry room
Redo Granddaughters room
Make Window conses for dinning and living room
( no more drapes)
Practice taking photos

Also doing a calender for my family and all there cats ,
These are my cats

 Here are some of the pictures that will be on calendar
The girls gave me the ones they took  so I used them

Her is some of my first photos
 Do not like base color too different colors
needs work any help, I would like

Found these in my boxes I've been working with

I have been trying to use the tabs under header
do not know how to get the post to them . Does  one know how.
Would like any help

I had Karen Valentine do my blog . I may have to message her.


  1. Hello Laura
    Thank you for visiting my blog and Happy New Year to you!
    You are off to a good start making your list of the things that need doing - I haven't even got that far yet!
    Have fun on your cruise.

  2. Lovely things and so cute cats!
    It can be nice to free the windows from all drapes. Earlier I had very shabby walls (old house) and must have a lot of drapes to make invisible all the stains... but now, after the reconstruction works I could put them away and it's so nice and bright now...
    Have a wonderful cruise

  3. Hi...hope you have an absolute blast on your cruise...I love cruising...wish I could go with you. :)
    At the top of your blog page to the right corner, click on DESIGN...
    when that page opens, scroll down to PAGES and click on it...then you can pull ea PAGE up and do a post on it....if you have any trouble, let me know and I'll try hard to help you. It's just like posting on your blog...pretty easy (when u know how..ha)


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