Monday, January 9, 2017

Home/ Plans for 2017

I like the sound of this
I have been traveling around Blog land 
It makes me feel good and want to do more with my blog.
I have quit my most social thing .Painting with friends on Wednesday,
for reasons of my health.
Where we went it is way to filthy
Do not know what happen to him but it's bad.
So I'm staying away .

So hope to paint at home and work on my home.
We leave for our Cruise Sat.
When I get back I'm going  start to running.

I have posted before I lost my old blog ,
There for I lost all the people that followed me and the ones I followed
It's like started over Hope to get them back and have fun.
I'm going to join weekly group  a couple days a week.

I got a camera lens for my phone this will be fun to use
First try( need to work on it)
I like hands

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