Monday, January 9, 2017

Ruby Tuesday 1#

My First Ruby Tuesday

This is my fake window in my laundry room
I have a walk out basement ,but the back of the basement has no window,
 so this gives the room like I do
I made the line of cloths That I wanted 
I like red so there is a few red things

Painted Tin cut outs and Button Flowers

One of my First Annette Himstead Doll
The ones I collect
I bought her in Germany

I hope you leave a comment and follow me I will do the same
Have a good and safe week
Next week I will be on my Cruise in the sunny Ocean


  1. Welcome to Ruby Tuesday for the first time Laura. I love your fake window. What a great idea & very creative.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your faux is adorable...I have 2 faux ones in our living room...
    On your PAGES problem...
    Click on DESIGN at the top of your blog page..(just like to do when you do a post)
    PAGES will be in the list on your right...
    click on PAGES
    it will open with a LIST OF YOUR PAGES
    click on the name of the page you want to open
    then, you just post on it same way you do to draft a post.
    that's all you do.
    Hope this helps...

  3. oops...the list of pages will be on your LEFT...

  4. So sorry I can't might go here
    and see if it helps you in any way...


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