Friday, February 10, 2017

Using my IPhone

Happy Pink

Also Happy
Valentine Day
My Dinning room


I'm taking a class on my IPhone Camera
Online learning alot

Just some vignrtte's around my house
I like making these cuffs
 Stamps from my HD 
Letter when we where young.
The bracelet from when my HD was born
75 years ago, Years ago there so much detail in every thing

This another project I did
Fun to change

Using in my craft room

My favorite quote
The ARTIST is nothing without the gift.
The gift is nothing without the work

Friday, February 3, 2017


Happy Pink Saturday
Love Month

Here is paintings I did from My Granddaughters
(I send a package every month.
Try to do the holiday of the month)
They are 8x10
It was from Pinterest
Too big so did smaller one

 Here is the door decoration done in wool
My Design
Also for the girls
and the small paintings
 I have been picking up small trinkets on my trips.
This week I put it together into a collage
 Fun to remember where I got them .
The white one is a button made out of a watch crystal and painted on
She was one of my painting friends
Sad to say  she passed away a couple weeks ago.

All done and gone I called a Vintage shop ,
She took it all 
It was the full back end of a pickup
Payed me 100.00
Sooo!! Happy 

The dresser is the start of redoing our granddaughter's bedroom
Picked up at a thrift shop for 15.00. 
Will be doing the whole room .Maybe next week

My next project
Old typing table
Going to use it in my paint room or ( my Studio)

Thank You 
For Stopping By
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Love hearing from you

Thanks For Stopping By