Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Change the living room,Bathroom

  Have done a lot
Re did my living room and bathroom
The pictures are not very good, I have a room on the other side of the window so the light is not good

Painted walls red
new window treatment
new chairs and rug

I painted a stool, vintage boiler, coffee ben, red
antquited  with brown

Working on decorting them
Made the new cornice

 new rug
 New chairs
 Family wall
 Not sure if i will keep this wall ,things from trips memory things

 Paintings I bought in europe trips 
Try to get one every where I go
 Before My bathroom I liked it
The wall paper was coming off
It had a Paris theme, I bought most of it in Paris


 cabinet is from a garage sale I asked how much said you can have it .
It was a old medicine cabinet ,cleaned and painted it. The little handle is red Bakelite
It had  glass in the door.
 I painted on the old hamper it was my moms

 Granddaughter is the model on he door I painted that and the cabinet doors

 Photo above the closet doors ,
I took pictures of bathrooms  in Europe and framed them

  I hope to blog more 
Hope you com back
I always go to yours and comment

Friday, June 23, 2017

paper clay dolls

Happy Pink Saturday

I have been so busy 
I have been trying to make small paper clay and
playing with porcelain dolls
 mold the start

 So much fun,
They are not in the right proportion
will keep trying
The one with the crown porcelain
I have been doing allot of altered art
I have so much done do not know
Hope to sell it some where

  from  the late Mosshillstudio
Her work was so nice

This is heres from pintrest
Took a class of her's on line many years ago copy a head
also have been doing  these

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