Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Change the living room,Bathroom

  Have done a lot
Re did my living room and bathroom
The pictures are not very good, I have a room on the other side of the window so the light is not good

Painted walls red
new window treatment
new chairs and rug

I painted a stool, vintage boiler, coffee ben, red
antquited  with brown

Working on decorting them
Made the new cornice

 new rug
 New chairs
 Family wall
 Not sure if i will keep this wall ,things from trips memory things

 Paintings I bought in europe trips 
Try to get one every where I go
 Before My bathroom I liked it
The wall paper was coming off
It had a Paris theme, I bought most of it in Paris


 cabinet is from a garage sale I asked how much said you can have it .
It was a old medicine cabinet ,cleaned and painted it. The little handle is red Bakelite
It had  glass in the door.
 I painted on the old hamper it was my moms

 Granddaughter is the model on he door I painted that and the cabinet doors

 Photo above the closet doors ,
I took pictures of bathrooms  in Europe and framed them

  I hope to blog more 
Hope you com back
I always go to yours and comment


  1. Love the bathroom cabinet! Great find and free, Yay!


  2. How fun to snag that great cabinet...and the price surely was right...:)

  3. Laura, you've been so busy! What good finds. And I'm a tad envious of your productive painting. Looks great!

  4. Wow. The design that you have shared this living room bathroom, is much attractive and pretty. I will design my living bathroom in the same way as you did.
    Emma Charlotte | TheAcademicPapers.co.uk

  5. You have certainly been busy! I love decorating my home as well so thank you for sharing your ideas with us at #BloggersPitStop. have a lovely week.


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