Saturday, July 29, 2017

Start our days in Black Hills

We started Monday morning 
This is the southern part of North Dakota

Corn field
Starting to get in the badlands

on the way it was so warm 101

Here we are a long day
I drove some not crazy about pulling a trailer
It is a nice camp park
Has a pool did not bring my swim suit

left for the day went to Keystone 
and to the faces
What a thing they did is so amazing

Around the grounds

Couple stones 
making jewerly with them

Was in hill city found wonderful Gallery

Got most of the stones here

Few thing i picked up on the trip 
pick stone is mined in SD Pink Quartz
buffalo and wolf  teeth
Sage Natives use a lot in there ceremonies
Dream catcher
Thing for me to use in jewelry

Went to crazy horse on the way went to Custer. I really like this town the best ,

very old time looking old building a main street,It had a lot of art even a art gallery bought a small watercolor of Marbles I meet the husband
 Another city with big animals

 Joe thought is was different

Next spot Crazy Horse
 This horses dress has 100's of beads
There thousands of beads on this dress for the horse
 This is the monument of Crazy Horse
It is so large . The inspiration came from natives many years ago, Part of the family is still working on it. the whole monument is so nice . they even gave free coffee
 The tour was so informative about the native ways
Here some of it
 The native took there sage into this when wanted meditate Its called a sweat box

This the couple that stared carving Crazy Horse

Leaving for Wyoming to Devils Tower

 You can camp in a tee pee It would be primitive

The Devils Tower
We walked around the base 1.3 miles it was so warm 90 something and the elevation over 4000
We did not want to go dancing after
There where these hanging on trees called pray doll or pray rags

On the walk around the tower

Lots of Native Indians traditions.

View from our camp site very nice

Here is some bark I picked up on the walk around the tower
It is so thin
Going to use in some craft

The trees have red trunks so pretty with the sun shiny on them

The trip is over and home
Spent time at my sisters house and my daughter. Saw allot of different things

Don't think we will camp in July and August 
 We where very close to the tower in the camp park

The view from the camp park was so pretty
Back in North Dakota
The Dakota are nice in both different way.

The trip is over and home
Spent time at my sisters house and my daughter , saw allot of different things

Don't think we will camp in July and August
It was so warm
and i do not like warm
Hope you enjoyed my trip too

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  1. Now, that's some BIG country! And it looks interesting too with the art and those great bulls! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!


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