Monday, July 10, 2017

The day trip

Went on a day trip with my DH
came across this a banded farm
So we took a look
The grass was very high
With allot of wood ticks

This the side area
Better know as a lean to
The copper color tub was a washing machine,

 There was a long work bench
some machine parts all rusted
 Alot of rust things
 This the home on the farm
This is the first room coming in the house 
I love the door frame in the door way.
To me the house looked a good big size, from  the outside
inside it was small .
I like the diamond  shape window in the Attic

This is the pump and a fence,
Thought it would make a neat painting
I like the color of the wood and the rust of the pump

 It is so sad to see these farms.
The lose of a home and there family story
There are so many now in North Dakota
It was a nice day 
Hope you enjoy the visit


  1. Looks like a great old place with lots to see

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Such a shame that a wonderful property has been left. Thank you for your visit, I am now following you.

  3. Fascinating, what stories those old rooms could tell.

  4. That is so sad! I love farm houses and barns. I hate to see them abandoned. First time visiting. I saw a comment of yours on Suddenly Southern blog and thought I would come visit! Come visit me if you have time. We are in the process of building a home in North Carolina.

  5. Sad to see the abandoned house. It would have been so nice when people were living there. Love Sujatha:)

  6. Makes you wonder why this was abandoned - I would have been afraid to go inside, it must be a haven for wild animals!! Wouldn't it be fun to know the whole story of this home?

  7. So very sad to see homes that once must have been quite handsome abandoned and falling apart. Your photos are quite wonderful, though.

    Thanks for your visit to the Gypsy and kind comment. And yes, I've LONG been a follower of your blog!


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